Having joined the real estate industry in 2008 as a real estate agent, Alvin Lim soon found himself in the middle of the Lehman Brothers global financial crisis. Like any other Singaporean, Alvin had not experienced a crisis of such magnitude. For weeks, he has shown houses to keen buyers, however no one made any offer. The industry as a whole was in despair. Many just stopped showing the properties.

But Alvin continue to persevere, and at last Alvin started to sell property after property. He became the inspiration in his agency. His peers started to see hope and rejoined the market.

Alvin Lim continues to focus on selling and renting private residential properties for many years and through his follow-through attitude,he has helped his clients manage their challenges, he gained valuable skills
and experiences. He worked hard to earned his achievement to be among the top 50 achiever in his agency year on year for many years.

Today Alvin Lim is no longer the sales person chasing for
the annual awards in his agency. His business focus has switched to focus on service excellence. His many years in the real estate industry has taught him this important business principle –  “The agent can only achieve when his client empower him”. 

Awards & Achievements

Singapore Award Wining Property Agent - any good property agent to recommend
Singapore Award Wining Best Property Agent
Singapore Award Wining Professional Property Real Estate Agent
Singapore Award Wining Top Property Agent
Singapore Award Wining Top Recommended Property Agent for Professional Real Estate Service
Singapore Award Wining Top Real Estate Agent
Singapore Award Wining Professional Property Agent
Singapore Award Wining Property Agent Career with award winning teammate
"Alvin helped me out in my last tenancy and I would say that he is by far the best property agent I have dealt with. Alvin is very professional, keen on details and very thorough to ensure that my transition is all smooth and with no issues."
"Alvin Lim is without doubt the best property agent that I have come across. First of all he is pleasant, punctual, knowledgeable and truthful. He will give me all the facts, whether positive or negative, pertaining to each and every unit. And he has all the pertinent facts and information at his fingertips!! These enable me to make a quick but informed decision regarding the property which is in the millions of dollars. Sometimes time is of the essence in a property deal."
Caribbean at Keppel Bay Pool of Condo in Singapore
Peng Kok Yin
Buyer of Caribbean At Keppel Bay
"I have know Alvin for more than 10 years now and all my transactions for sale / purchase as well as tenancy have been done through Alvin. We bought & sold our house through Alvin & also did tenancy agreements through him. He is very open, transparent and engaged throughout the process, keeping us updated at all times and chasing actions to keep the transaction moving smoothly.  The good thing about Alvin is he is always available to talk and provide you with the right advice. I can blindly rely on Alvin for any property related matters and I know my investment is in safe hands whenever I go through him."
Costa Del Sol - Alvin Lim Testimonial - Singapore condo
Namjoshi Mandar Shrikrishna
Seller, Landlord, Buyer & Tenant of multiple properties
"He is a street smart salesperson who goes out to serve his clients. I feel comfortable that he is honest and upfront about how he gets the job done. I am very glad and happy that we have engaged Alvin Lim as our salesperson. All I can say is that “He is a man with the golden arm”.
"Mr. Alvin Lim who I have know for almost 4 years and he was the one we dealt with when we rented our present apartment at Aquarius by the park. I can tell you from the very beginning it was a very smooth transaction, and the extent of his involvement even till today shows that he truly believes in giving his best and a perfect example of someone with high esteem values of providing service."
"在这里想特别感谢我的房屋中介 Alvin Lim (R015514H)电话96602828 所提供的客户至上的服务! 在与屋主与租客之间建立的很好的沟通桥梁,在The Sail #18-17 房屋交接过程中,做事很负责,不断跟进。而且在我遇到需要修理物件时,总能及时的处理,甚至自己先垫钱为了使客户得享美好的服务。 作为租客很满意他的服务,特别赞!"