Looking for the right rental agent to rent out your property?

Finding a trustworthy rental agent to help you rent your property and assist your tenant throughout the tenancy is key to having a hassle free passive income. It is a long term relationship as most lease stretch for years, therefore you should engage a full time experience real estate agent with the experience & proven track record. 

Real estate agents tend to focus on different area of the industry. There are commercial agent, industry agent, showflat agent,  residential agent etc. In  additional, more then half of the registered license property agents are either inactive or part-time agents. It is common for landlord to end up engaging a friend or a friend’s friend who may not have the experience or knowledge to rent & manage the property for them. As a result, their property are poorly maintain and eventually they experience longer turn around time between tenancy.

Hassle free leasing with Alvin Lim

Alvin is a full time realtor will more then 10 years of experience in private residential sale, purchase and renting.  To date, he has done hundreds of private residential transactions. Supported by many regular clients, Alvin is able achieved economy of scale which improve cost and reliability when he engage his team of  contractors to repair his clients’ properties.  All repair will have his client approval before he proceed. For some of the common repairs done by Alvin, please click on the relevant buttons below for the respective page.

"Alvin helped me out in my last tenancy and I would say that he is by far the best property agent I have dealt with. Alvin is very professional, keen on details and very thorough to ensure that my transition is all smooth and with no issues."
"Mr. Alvin Lim who I have know for almost 4 years and he was the one we dealt with when we rented our present apartment at Aquarius by the park. I can tell you from the very beginning it was a very smooth transaction, and the extent of his involvement even till today shows that he truly believes in giving his best and a perfect example of someone with high esteem values of providing service."

What I provide when you engage me to rent your property:

  1. Consultancy on realistic fair value rent and how to maximize this value.
  2. A huge database of tenants to match your preferred tenant profile.
  3. We always try to achieve the highest rent with the shortest vacancy period.
  4. Soft copy of Tenancy agreement, Agent CEA form, Agent commission invoice, inventories list, Property conditional report & tenants’ work permits & passes.
  5. Soft copy of the invoice for all repair done by our contractors.
  6. Verification of tenants’ work permits and passes.
  7. Project management for setting up the property for the tenancy (Only if the work is done by our contractors.)
    6.1 Aircon servicing
    6.2 Professional cleaning
    6.3 Installing new curtains or dry cleaning the existing curtain
    6.4 Painting
    6.5 Floor polishing
    6.6 Plumbing
    6.7 Repair and replacement of fitting and appliances including cooking hood and hod, oven, water heater, lighting, aircon, bathtub, rubbish chute.
  8. Transferring the utilities account to the tenant.
  9. Support for tenancy first 30 days warranty period.

How I will support you after I rent out your property:

  1. Coordination of any necessary repair and replacement. Softcopy invoice with be provided for ease of your tax filing at the end of each year.
  2. Assist to mediate any late or no payment of rent.
  3. Assist on extension or renewal of lease.
  4. Re-marketing of property for new tenancy at the end of the lease.
  5. Handing of tenant check out at the end of the lease with inventories verification.
  6. Coordination of repair and replacement to setup property for the new lease.