Looking for a reliable property agent to sell your house or condo?

Will you engage a part-time or a new agent to sell your house for you?  If the cost is the same why don’t you engage someone with the experience and a proven track record?

Selling property has becomes a lot more complex with many new regulation affecting you on tax, loan and timeline. Especially when the seller intend to sell and then use the sale proceed to purchase another property to move into to stay then careful planning by a experience realtor is require.

Many clients may not be aware that large number of the registered license real estate agents are either part-timers or are not active. The full timers who are active and have the experience and track record are normally focusing on specific segment of the industry. For example, the agent may be a commercial or industry guru who seldom sell residential property.  

For a smooth sale transaction, it is paramount to engage a full time agent who has good experience and proven track records in the property you are selling. Call Alvin at 9660 2828 now for a non-obligatory discussion. 

Client Testimonial

"Alvin Lim is without doubt the best property agent that I have come across. First of all he is pleasant, punctual, knowledgeable and truthful. He will give me all the facts, whether positive or negative, pertaining to each and every unit. AND he has all the pertinent facts and information at his fingertips!! These enable me to make a quick but informed decision regarding a property which is in the millions of dollars. Sometimes time is of the essence in a property deal."
"I have know Alvin for more than 10 years now and all my transactions for sale / purchase as well as tenancy have been done through Alvin. We bought & sold our house through Alvin & also did tenancy agreements through him. He is very open, transparent and engaged throughout the process, keeping us updated at all times and chasing actions to keep the transaction moving smoothly.  The good thing about Alvin is he is always available to talk and provide you with the right advice. I can blindly rely on Alvin for any property related matters and I know my investment is in safe hands whenever I go through him."
"He is a street smart salesperson who goes out to serve his clients. I feel comfortable that he is honest and upfront about how he gets the job done. I am very glad and happy that we have engaged Alvin Lim as our salesperson. All I can say is that “He is a man with the golden arm”"

What we offer when you engage us to sell your property for you:

  1. We will assist to provide an estimate of the property fair value.
  2. Our banker will advise on the indicative property value their bank can support.
  3. We will verify whether your property sale is subject to any seller stamp duty.
  4. We will work with you to provide the financial planning to determine the amount of sale proceeds after we less of:
    4.1 Your CPF return.
    4.2 The outstanding home loan.
    4.3 Tax if there any, legal fee and agent commission.
  5. We will advise the sale timeline and provide different options for your relocation plan.
  6. During the marketing, we will minimize disruption to your tenant or your daily routine by providing quality viewing appointments.
  7. Once sale is done we will manage your timeline to execute your relocation plan.
  8. We will link you up with our preferred law firm or we can work with your lawyer to oversee the transaction.
    8.1 The law firm will redeem your outstanding loan with your bank.
    8.2 The law firm will handle any tax payable to Iras.
    8.3 The law firm will liaise with CPF to return the fund.
    8.4 The law firm will provide you with a statement breaking down all deductions & the final amount of the sale proceeds.