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Mr. Ng

I sincerely would like to share a highly recommend housing agent Mr Alvin Lim.
His positive, and very efficient attitude, have earned our family heart and trust. Even when comes to housing maintenance, without hesitation, he would recommend reliable repair jobs without hassle. I would strongly recommend to any friend and relatives should such service arise.

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Andrew and Valerie A.

We first met Alvin on 15 Sep 2018 when we were shopping for a place to stay. At once, he struck us as knowledgeable and professional — someone who took his job seriously and worked hard to be good at it. Fast forward two and a half years, and a couple of transactions later, we find that our first impressions were spot on. On top of those attributes, Alvin has also proven himself consistent, capable, trustworthy and hardworking, and a great listener. He certainly checks all the boxes, and we cannot be more grateful to have met him.


Costa Del Sol 3 Bedroom
I would like to share a recommendation in respect of Alvin.

Alvin was instrumental in getting my house on Rent, during the Covid Pandemic. Within 48 hours of receiving my request, Alvin had multiple offers from prospective tenants and we were able to finalise a tenant in a record time.

Alvin didn’t stop there, he helped by engaging with both parties to ensure that the interests of both parties are protected.

Alvin also has taken efforts to keep me up to date with the changes in the real estate scene of Singapore.

Last but not the least an amazing individual with a great attitude makes Alvin stand apart from others.


Bayshore Park
I normally don’t write review but I would like to share my experience with Mr.Lim.
We were busy hunting house during lockdown when we came across an advertisement by Mr.Lim for Bayshore Park. As viewing was not allowed, he did a video of all the rooms and whenever we had any query it was answered immediately.
After the lockdown, he arranged for viewing before shifting and also got the house inspected and cleaned and painted by professional before delivery. Very prompt in reply with whatever queries we had and a few times he himself came for review if it was not clear to him and took immediate action. He is a very straight forward person and doesn’t twist and turn things and takes full responsibility to maintain a cordial relation with the owner and tenant. Very prompt in reply and coordinates with the owner and takes quick action.
Cote D Azur

I first met Alvin 9 years ago referred by my friend when I was looking for a property in Singapore. Since then, he had been helping me in taking care of my rental related matters plus other stuff. What i like about Alvin are:

– His Service attitude. Always on top of things and quick reaction and get the thing done.
– His fair judgment on property related matters.
– His honesty and integrity are the best.
– His willingness beyond his call of duty sometimes if not many times.
– His candid assessment when asked about advice on Singapore property.
With the above, I don’t think I would change any property agent and would definitely recommend for those planning to buy or sell property in Singapore. I trust him on future property related matters to him.
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Alvin is a professional that doesn’t lose track of the human aspect. When I relocated back from Shanghai after 9 years away from home, I found Alvin on an impromptu and never looked back ever since. Alvin was on top of it all, kept us fully informed, and found a temporary apartment within a week much quicker than we expected.

When we decided to buy our own house instead of continuing to rent after 5 years, we called Alvin again and he rises to the occasion. Moving is always stressful and I can’t say enough about his professionalism and helping this process go as smoothly as possible. It is clear that Alvin cares about his clients. He owned the entire process and I had full trust in what he was doing. I would recommend his time and time again. He has a customer for life!

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In professional services, the 2 main criteria that I look out for is ability to deliver and integrity.

Alvin has exceeded all my expectations from the sourcing of tenants to the handover of the unit. Every step has been professionally done in a hassle-free and a very prompt manner with no loose ends.

Alvin has a wide network which he is able tap on and arranged multiple viewings even in a soft market. As for repairs and maintenance of the unit pre and post handover, it was fuss free and completed within the agreed timing.

I have not worked with any other intermediary who is as hardworking and dedicated as Alvin. I would definitely recommend Alvin for anyone who is looking to engage a reliable agent for property services as his ability to deliver is 1st class together with a great attitude.

Thank you, Alvin, for a job well done in a hassle free and professional way!

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您好,我是Ms. Tsai. 在新加坡生活已經14年,租賃房子的過程中經歷過各式各樣的房仲人員。Alvin 是我所遇到的仲介裏,非常有責任並且積極的服務人員。

Sanctuary Green Condo
Ritu Gulati

Alvin was our realtor from October 2015 onwards. Alvin is a great real estate professional, extremely knowledgeable and responsive. He is fair and transparent in his dealings and works best for his clients. We strongly recommend Alvin for your next purchase or rental.

The Sail at Marina Alvin Lim Testimonial
Sonia Shen
在这里想特别感谢我的房屋中介 Alvin Lim (R015514H)电话96602828 所提供的客户至上的服务!
在与屋主与租客之间建立的很好的沟通桥梁,在The Sail #18-17 房屋交接过程中,做事很负责,不断跟进。而且在我遇到需要修理物件时,总能及时的处理,甚至自己先垫钱为了使客户得享美好的服务。
Costa Del Sol - Alvin Lim Testimonial - Singapore condo

I have know Alvin for more than 10 years now and all my transactions for sale / purchase as well as tenancy have been done through Alvin.

We bought & sold our house through Alvin & also did tenancy agreements through him. He is very open, transparent and engaged throughout the process, keeping us updated at all times and chasing actions to keep the transaction moving smoothly.  The good thing about Alvin is he is always available to talk and provide you with the right advice.

I can blindly rely on Alvin for any property related matters and I know my investment is in safe hands whenever I go through him.

One of my very recent transaction with Alvin was my move back to Singapore wherein I was looking for a apartment on rent with very limited time to make a decision. He helped me find the right house in my preferred neighborhood and at the right price. He was very patient as we looked at different apartments and also cautioned me in making unreasonable offers when I fell too quickly for overpriced rentals.

I would highly recommend using his service. He is always on our side working to make any property related decision as simple and successful as possible.

Watertown Pool - Alvin Lim Testimonial Profile (Singapore Real Estate Agent)

Alvin helped me out in my last tenancy and I would say that he is by far the best property agent I have dealt with.

Alvin is very professional, keen on details and very thorough to ensure that my transition is all smooth and with no issues.

He carefully looks after the need of both the landlord and the tenant. I never had problems moving in and moving out as Alvin is always on top of all that is required.

And even helped me out by providing some guidance when I came across a very incompetent agent in my recent lease. I would highly recommend him if you want a hassle-free easy and pleasant moving in/out experience while renting in Singapore. Keep up the good work!

Lagoon View Alvin Lim Testimonial for Singapore Property Agent

I am truly impressed and deeply grateful to Alvin for handling the sale of my property in the most professional and caring manner.

He is able to navigate, mediate and advance difficult situations to a successful and win-win outcome.

Caribbean at Keppel Bay Pool of Condo in Singapore

Alvin Lim is without doubt the best property agent that I have come across. First of all he is pleasant, punctual, knowledgeable and truthful.

He will give me all the facts, whether positive or negative, pertaining to each and every unit. AND he has all the pertinent facts and information at his fingertips!! These enable me to make a quick but informed decision regarding a property which is in the millions of dollars. Sometimes time is of the essence in a property deal.

I want to add that Alvin is a very earnest, enthusiastic n energetic agent who has great passion. These qualities make him truly exceptional.

Alvin is also perceptive enough to foresee the additional information I need on any property. He is also quick to update me on any relevant changes.

As I have made use of Alvin’s excellent service, I can assure anyone who engages Alvin to be his agent, that he has made the right choice. Good housing agents are like rare gems, difficult to come by!!

I will have no hesitation in recommending Alvin to my friends who are looking for their dream house or looking for a buyer for their current home.

Bayshore Park Full Seaview Condo Singapore

Mr. Alvin Lim services are commendable and he is someone truly special…Hats off!

“Alvin is the man with a golden arm”

On one fine Sunday afternoon, I got a landline call from Alvin’s personal assistant asking, if we are looking to sell the house. Generally, I just ignore such calls but something prompted me to give it a shot just to test the market conditions. The lady politely advised me that someone would call me at my convenience to have a discussion. The following day, I promptly got a call from Mr. Alvin and we agreed a time to meet at my residence.

Alvin was right on time and he was initially keen to listen to my requirements followed by few questions on my intention to sell the property, timeline that I’m looking, etc. and provided me the current market conditions, latest transactions, etc. to set my expectations. He is a very practical person and to be honest, I gave him a very stringent timeline of 3 months and at a high price to sell my property.  He asked for a day’s time to do his homework before he can commit. I respected his decision and we called it a day… I got a feeling that he was the man who can help me close the deal.. I must say, he scored full marks and left a very good impression on our very first meet!!!

The next day, he came back saying that he wants to give it a try even after knowing the asking price of the property is way higher than the last transacted price and the stringent timelines I have given him. And I decided to engage Alvin to sell my property. To all fairness, my house is a very rare sea-facing unit but still, it’s a huge challenge for Alvin to match my price and timelines. Two days after we have signed the exclusive form, he brought in about 3 to 4 potential buyers to see the property. He kept us updated on every client’s opinion following their visit.

One fine day, he asked me if I was ready to move the house if we get an offer. And to our surprise, he managed to get an offer jus within 10 days since w engaged him and it’s just within 3-4 viewings only!!! Technically he bemused us by selling our property in less than 1 week…Phew!!!  He knows the market well and apparently he has a large pool of contacts, and he is willing to co-broke to achieve the best price. He is a street smart salesperson who goes out to serve his clients. I feel comfortable that he is honest and upfront about how he gets the job done. I am very glad and happy that we have engaged Alvin Lim as our salesperson. All I can say is that “He is a man with the golden arm”

After I manage to sell the property, he was in so much demand as so many of my neighbors, friends were asking his referral. I’m very confident that he is “go to person” for anyone looking to sell/buy property in Singapore.

Thanks much Alvin for your golden touch! Much appreciated. Your Services, Professionalism showed were truly remarkable. Keep it up! We are looking forward to engaging you again for purchasing a new property…


I have been wanting to write up to you much earlier but unfortunately due to my frequent travels always missed out on this one. However it’s never too late.

This is in regards to one of your company employee Mr Alvin Lim who I have know for almost 4 years and he was the one we dealt with when we rented our present apartment at Aquarius by the park. I can tell you from the very beginning it was a very smooth transaction, and the extent of his involvement even till today shows that he truly believes in giving his best and a perfect example of someone with high esteem values of providing service.

There have been various instances where we have had some issues & breakdowns and even though I personally am not present sometime to deal with same, Alvin has always been very helpful to get them sorted at earliest.

I would always recommend Alvin to my friends and I look forward to many more years of cooperation with him.